I was walking in Remmendalen and something made me go to a large fir tree. It was just like something was shining there.

I look around and get a picture of a small figure of one and a half meters sitting on a stump. He wears brown knickers and a vest in a shade of green. There's something on the head, but I can't make out the shape. I think it's probably a goblin (nisse).

What do you want from me I ask. He wants to show me what Bergyl is like. He asks me to feel for an energy form.

I hold my hand in front of me. I feel a slight resistance in the palm of my hand. When I moving my hand around it's as if I'm patting half an egg.

The elf asks me to feel a little on the outside of this egg. There I feel the shape of yet another egg is slightly smaller than the first. There are 5 of these around the first egg. They are connected to the other egg by a thin spiral path. A similar spiral path also goes on the other side of the smaller egg and to an identical egg.

I continue to feel and discover a total of 5 such eggs. This is how it is for everyone around the biggest egg. There are smaller eggs around these eggs as well. There are 4 pieces around and 4 pieces in a row. Around these eggs there are 3 even smaller eggs and 3 one after another and around them again there are two around and two one after the other. In the end, there is only one.

Sense energy field

Taking sound is one of my ways of perceiving Bergyl's structures.

A thought always creates Bergyl structures. The duration depends on the tank and the strength. The brain interprets the 3 dimensional patterns that sound when I ask for the sound on them.

I don't make any conscious sound, I just let what's there come. I am only the radio box and the broadcast is all out online.

Intuitive search methods

You can learn to measure these energies using search angles, wishbones and pendulums.

Many use the body's signals for this. E.g. I use the inner sound I hear in my ear. Others feel cold/warm, attraction/repulsion. Some feel a current of air in their body.

The senses are the gates through which our mind perceives the world! Smell, taste, touch, movement are also stored in a 3 dimensional form.

PSI tracks

It is possible to create a PSI track to find things. It takes a lot of practice to be able to follow it. The reason is that if for a single moment you think about something else, it will be wrong.

In addition, you must be precise in what you ask for. You start with the conclusion, i.e. you know where it is.

Permanent Bergyl structures

Our ancestors had knowledge of Bergyl structures and built the desired energy structures in their sacred places

The sound of Bergyl's energy pathways from the altar sounds like hymns. From horg it sounds like folk tunes and my body starts to dance.

Check out your own church.

My sound of Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun